The Upgrade is About to Complete

Dear participant. The upgrade will be completed at 09.00 AM UTC. Thank you for waiting!.

08 Jul 2019 02:51By Admin
24 Hours for System Upgrade

Dear participant, we are working to upgrade some functionalities in our blockchain as you will see the result in few days in Wincash Wallet for android. Therefore, the upgrade will take longer than us

05 Jul 2019 19:14By Admin
System Upgrade at 01:00 PM UTC

Dear participant, we would like to hold a system upgrade at 01:00 PM UTC today. This upgrade will take about several hours to complete. Please complete any unfinished PH GH transaction to avoid any un

05 Jul 2019 11:21By Admin
Sending WCC to another wallet before completing transaction is forbidden!

Dear participant. We will block any account who sends WCC before his GH transaction is completed. We will also block the receiver whom he sends the WCC to. Please do not receive any WCC from any accou

04 Jul 2019 14:30By Admin
Announcement for System Upgrade

Dear participant, we would like to hold a system upgrade at 3.00 PM UTC. The system upgrade will take several hours to complete. Please finish all PH GH transaction before our system upgrade started.

03 Jul 2019 07:54By Admin
Warning! Unsychronized Wallet!

Dear participant, as we are close to the day of listing to global market. We warn you the owner of unsynchronized wallet account to synchronize their wallets or to move the balance to other synchroniz

26 Jun 2019 20:55By Admin
The Upgrade Has Been Finished

Dear participant, the upgrade has been finished. We would like to tell you that the process of blockchain development is dynamic and require an upgrade at anytime needed. Therefore, do not worry about

25 Jun 2019 09:44By Admin
The Blockchain Upgrade and Bitcointalk Launching

Dear participant, our upgrade today might be longer than usual, because not only we do upgrade on our masternode, but also we do quality assurance for our blockchain network. We have implemented new m

24 Jun 2019 22:35By Admin
Wincash is Having Upgrade for Masternode

Dear participant. Wincash will be having upgrade for masternode. This process will take several hours to complete. Access to Wincash Wallet will be temporarily blocked. Please wait for the upgrade to

24 Jun 2019 03:53By Admin
Manager Bonus is Activated!

Dear participant, as we have been closer to the day of listing to the global exchanges, we have activated the manager bonus. Manager bonus is activated for the manager that has passed qualification. P

16 Jun 2019 10:58By Admin
Many Adjustments have been implemented in Give4dream system

As we had a system upgrade previously, we have made some adjustments and additional features in Give4dream system. As for now, sponsor bonus will have a 15 days countdown timer until it will appear as

06 Jun 2019 23:55By Admin
A System Update for Wincash Wallet and Give4dream System

Dear participant, as we are preparing for listing to some external markets, we need to activate and add some features in Give4dream system and increase the compatibility of Wincash Wallet to each exte

01 Jun 2019 04:14By Admin
Making GH request after another GH request is extremely forbidden!

Dear participant, we just want to warn you that making GH request after another GH request is forbidden. The rule of cycle is GH request must be done after doing PH request. Do not come to the support

28 May 2019 17:39By Admin
Making Other Requests Before Completing Requests that Are Still Running Are Prohibited!

Dear participants, we warn you that making other request before completing running request is forbidden. For example, when your GH request isn't completed yet. you may not make PH request or vice vers

23 May 2019 19:43By Admin
Uploading Testimonial Video is Mandatory!

Dear participants. We have implemented a new rule in our system to oblige every participants for sending each GH testimonial video. In this case, you will be asked for testimonial video for every GH t

27 Apr 2019 23:16By Admin
Pay attention to the phone number!

Dear participants. We received a lot of complaints regarding inactive phone number. We will temporarily disable the account which has inactive or fake phone number until we get the confirmation from t

07 Apr 2019 06:55By Admin
Security system is now upgraded!

Dear participants. We have upgraded our security system to the topmost level for avoiding the cheating users or the users who tricked the system. therefore, as per today, we will implement this rule t

02 Apr 2019 08:52By Admin
Moderation for any problem with inactive participants

Dear participants. For those who are having problems with inactive participants in the donation cycle, you may contact us on [email protected] for asking a further moderation. Please send all details

23 Mar 2019 06:28By Admin
All Illegal Activities will be Banned Permanently!

Dear participants. Our system has ability to identify any account who did something outside the PH and GH cycle rule. Be aware that we will permanently ban any account who attempt to break the rule. P

04 Mar 2019 21:35By Admin
Get Multiple Benefit! Call for Manager!

Dear participants. We have sent messages to every founder all over the world to choose some of the participants for account promotion. Those who are eligible to become a manager are the ones who contr

13 Feb 2019 15:44By Admin